Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension: The wonderful invention of the hair industry.

Along with the increasing demand for hair beauty, Hair products also dramatically varies to meet the demand of customers, if your are  considering profitable and popular hair extension products to run a business. This article fully explains why you choose Vietnamese Weft Hair extension to start your business. 

I. Understanding about Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension.

Before starting a business with Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension, you need to clearly understand about Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension and notable features of this hair type. You are on the right page, this article will fully provide you. 


Everything about Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension

1. Definition of Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension, also called Vietnamese Weave Hair Extension, made from 100% Vietnamese hair, is the collection of hair strands attracted to a fine cloth with a normal length of 1m to create hair extension bundles.

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is layerly sewn with your real hair to make your hair fuller and longer.

2. What hair types Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension made from

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is mostly made from Vienamese Virgin Hair and Vietnamese Remy Hair. 


What hair makes Vietnamese Weft Hair extension

Vietnamese Virgin Weft Hair is the best quality type, taken from only one donor and never goes through any chemical process. It is very strong, silky and shiny for very long period of time without shedding and tangling

Vietnamese Remy Weft Hair is 100%  human hair, from 2-3 donors and has no chemical treatments. It is more affordable than Vietnamese Virgin Hair, but still has a good quality and is suitable to do hairstyles. 

Based on the purposes, customers can choose between virgin and remy hair. Most customers tend to buy Vietnamese Wefr Remy Hair due to the affordable price and good quality.

3. Competitive advantages of Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension

  • Strong and Natural

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is considered as the purest hair type which remains as natural as real hair in terms of black or dark brown colors as well as straight or slight wave textures. Hence, Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is very strong and perfectly matches your own hair.  

  • Thick and smooth

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is collected from Villagers who are from 18- 30 years old, living in mountainous areas, so Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is affected by hot sunlight as well as pollution in big cities which has bad effects on the thickness and smoothness of hair. 

Besides, due to the  habit of using natural shampoo as well as  hair cell gene structure, Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is very dense, shiny and soft.

  • Durable 

Not being exposed to many harsh chemicals, Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension remains soft, shiny and strong. It can last a few months to a few years without shedding or tangling with a good care routine depending on the classes of hair such as virgin or remy hair. 

Being wefted by three-head weft machines importing from Korea and Japan,Vietnamese Weft Hair extension has firm and uniform seams, making the weft hair have a long-life time

  • Convenient and natural 

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is permanently sewn with people’s real strands by threads and needles, so there is no worry of hair extension gone out when customers wash or comb your hair like tip or tape in hair extension.

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension provides a natural look as the weft is fitted in layers and concealed underneath.

4. Disadvantages of Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension

One of the biggest advantages of Vietnamese Weft Hair extension is time-consuming and consumers can’t not apply it by themselves. They must go to hair salons, wait for about 30 to hours to ask hair specialists to sew it for them.   

Despite the advantages, Vietnamese Hair Weft extension is still favoured by many customers in the world. 

5. Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension types

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is mostly produced in two types which are hand-tie and machine weft hair.

  • Hand-tied Vietnamese Weft Hair extension

Pictrure of Hand tied weft hair

This was the traditional way of making weft hair a long time ago. Vietnamese workers use thread and needles to sew hair strands to a small and long cloth by hand. Because of time-consuming and low quality products (not firm and not uniform seams), Hand-tied Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension hasn’t been produced.  

  •  Machine Vietnamese Weft Hair extension

Vienamese Hair wefted by machine

Most of Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is made from weft hair machines imported from Japan and Korea, which helps to increase product quality and productivity. 

There are three most popular types of machines which are one needle, two needles and three needles machine used in Vietnamese Weft Hair factory. The Three needles machine is the most advanced machine, producing the firmest weft hair extension.


Weft Hair Machine types

-> Tips for distinguishing Vietnamese Weft Hair Machine!!!

If you are a new hair business, you need to ask your vendors about whether your weft hair is made from single head, double head or three head weft machines.

With a single weft machine, there are only thin lines of seam in your weft, so it is easy for your hair to be shedded.

Similarly, a double head weft machine wefts the hair with two machines. Weft is  a bit tighter with more seam lines.

And a three-head machine,the most advanced one, wefts the hair by three machines at the same time added with glue. The weft made from three head is the firmest, neatest and thickest weave hair. 

Or you can check out the below pictures here to distinguish three products.


Weft Hair from three machine types

 6. Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension products

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is also well known for its variety of products. It is mainly divided in three groups including Vietnamese Straight Weft Hair Extension, Curly or Wavy Weft Hair extension and Colored Weft Hair extension

  • Vietnamese Straight Weft Hair Extention

There are two types of Vietnamese straight weft hair extension which are Natural straight and Bone Straight weft hair extensions.

Vietnamese Natural straight weft hair remains the same black or dark brown colors and natural  Vietnamese straight texture. It is very shiny, silky and soft.

Vietnamese Bonestraight weft hair extension, its name tells the straightness of the hair,  as straight as bone. It is made from remy hair and applied chemicals to make it straight and silky, so the price is more reasonable than Natural straight.

Vietnamese Bone Straight weft hair is the best-seller hair product in recent years, being favoured by both big hair companies as well as retail customers.

  • Vietnamese Curly/wavy Weft Hair Extension

Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair Extension is alway on the top list of popular products. It is diverse in length and textures including deep wavy, body wavy, water wavy, loose wavy, pixie, and so on, supplying a wide range of choices for customers. 


Trendiest Hải styles

  • Vietnamese Color Weft Hair Extension 

Vietnamese Colored weft hair extension is a highly appreciated product of many big hair companies due to the quality and diversified colors of hair. Vietnamese weft hair extensions provide the trendiest color like blonde 613 to traditional one. 


Trendiest Colors of Vietnamese Weft Hair

-> Hair Sale Tips!!!!.If you are starting your hair business and have no idea about what Vietnamese weft hair extension is profitable and suitable for your business.These below tips, collected from many years of selling hair, will be very beneficial for you.

  • Tip#1: Buying trendy hair such as Bonestraight hair, water wavy, sexy wavy, pixie hair and so on. It is easier to sell products which are well-known and popular in the market.

To avoid bad experience and complaints from customers, you should:

  • Tip#2: Sell straight hair products like bone straight or natural straight hair. These products are shining, soft, strong and easy to take care of. 
  • Tip#3: For curly/wavy products, it is recommended to sell black curly hair only. Color curly hair goes through many chemical processes: dying, making for curly,. so it is easily tangled and shedded if customers do not properly treat it. 
  • Tip#4: With colored hair, selling Bonestraight hair is safer due to the softness and smoothness of the hair type. It permanently remains the color
  • Tip#5: Avoid selling bright colored hair such as blonde 613, pink, grey, blue because to dye with bright colors, the hair must be bleached first. Hence, bright colored hair is easily dry, tangled, messy and shedded if customers do not have good treatment.

How to start Weft Hair Business

7. Main Markets:

The biggest market of Vietnamese Weft Hair extension is Africa countries such as Nigeria, Lagos, Ibadan and so on. The season is that the demand for hair beauty in these countries is very huge. Besides, their hair is extremely short and curly, so Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is best fit for them. Africa customers usually prefer bright colors like pink, yellow, red,..and textures of curly, long straight, pixie… at a reasonable price

Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension is also well-known in USA, Canada and European countries due to the quality and reasonable price. The market favours natural black hair, bone straight hair, blonde hair with high quality like virgin hair.

II. Comparing Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension with other weft hair extension

  1. Chinese Weft Hair Extension 


Chinese Weft Hair Extension

Chinese Weft Hair Extension, industrial-scale products, is produced with advanced technology, so it provides a wide range of choices at a very reasonable price. The weft is made beautifully. However, due to low quality hair source and applying too much chemical, many customers said that Chinese weft hair is very soft and silky at the first time but gradually gets tangled and shedded. 

2. Indian Weft Hair Extension

Indian is a densely populated country with a tradition of donating their hair to the gods in pagodas, so the source of Indian Hair is so abundant. However, due to the manual collecting and making process, the quality Indian Weft Hair is not so high compared to other types. It is quite thin, dry and slightly wavy. 

3. Compare Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension with Chinese Hair Weft Extension and Indian Weft Hair Extension


Compare Vietname, China and Indian Weft Hair

Quality  Technology Price
Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension Silky, Soft, Shiny 

Tigh and durable weft

Three head weft machine 

from Japan and Korea

=> firmer weft,productive

Affordable price
Chinese Weft Hair Extension Very shiny, smooth but gradually get worse Three head weft machine from china

=> productive 

Reasonable price
Indian Weft Hair extension Thin, soft and smooth  Some are hand tied, outdated weft machine Quite low price

4. Customer’s reviews of Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian Weft Hair Extension.


Vietnamese Weft Hair Review


Chinese Weft Hair feedback on Amazon


Indian Weft Hair Review 

III. Finding reliable Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension to start a hair business

Similar to other Vietnamese Hair types such as Vietnamese Remy Hair or Vietnamese Remy hair, to make your hair business succeed, you have to make the right decision of selecting a reliable supplier. Hence, how to choose the best one, refer to this link below for further detail.

Click the like here: Vietnamese Remy Hair

IV: How import Vietnamese Weft Hair extension

It is very beneficial for you to start with Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension due to the easy, simple and quick process of importing hair. These steps are importing hair processes from K-Hair – the biggest factory in Vietnam.

  • Step 1: Contact the wholesale factory boss of 5S to import hair from Vietnam through WhatsApp. You also can be provided more useful advice on how to start a hair business or import hair from Vietnam.
  • Step 2: List up your order based on below form to make invoice


  •  Step 3: Factory calculate shipping fee based on your country and send you the invoice bill.
  • Step 4: After checking invoice bill, you can make deposit payment (about 50% to deposit) to start order
  • Step 5: Orders are made and it takes 7-14 days of shipping time, depending on orders. Before shipping, a video is made for you to check the hair, only when you are satisfied with their quality, then you pay the rest and factory ships order for you.

V: Highly recommended Vietnamese Weft Hair Extension factory.

  1. Top #1 : K-hair, the leading quality Vietnmaese Weft Hair Extension

With over 24 years of establishment and development, K-hair has conquered the most demanding customers with high quality at affordable price.


K-hair- the best virgin hair quality factory

  • K- hair Weft Hair Products: Weft hair extensions including Natural straight, Bone Straight, curly/wavy, pixie,ombre hair with various trendy colors

K-hair Vietnam

– Address: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi 100000

– Phone: +84967894448

K-hair USA

– Address: No. 13911, 13 th Dr SE Unit M, Mill Creek, WA, USA

– Phone: +1-425-773-2019

  • Whatsapp hotline(24/7) : +84  96 789 4448
  • Ms Cherry ( Production Manager) :  +84 85 558 8000
  • Mr Charles ( Techical Expert) +84 85 558 8000
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

2. Top 2: 5S-hair

5S-hair Vietnam – the oldest Vietnamese Hair Factory. Not largely known on social media compared to K-hair, 5S hair is for large hair wholesalers coming to Vietnam and directly buying hair products. Thanks to good quality and reasonable price, 5S hair is the reputed weft hair factory supplying huge amount of products to wholesalers and famous hair salons 


5s-hair factory

  • 5S-hair Vietnamese Weft Hair products: Bon Straight weft, color weft, wavy/curly hairstyles. 
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

3. Top 3: Layla Hair


Layla Hair

Being the third biggest Vietnamese Weft Hair supplier, Layla Hair has supplied their products to many countries and gains satisfaction and trust from its customers.

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