Vietnamese Remy Hair: The most profitable Vietnamese Hair type to invest in.

Hair industry is getting more and more appealing in the eyes of businessmen. If you intend to start a hair business, this article is written for you. This article, with the views from hair experts, will tell you the secrets of why economic efficiency of Vietnamese Remy Hair always ranks the first and how to find a reliable Vietanamese Remy Hair supplier for your company to export.

I. Everything you should know about Vietnamese Remy Hair

To succeed in any business areas, can the products bring high economics efficiency is always questioned by investors. So why Vietnamese Remy Hair the most profitable of all hair types? This part will explain to you in detail.

Everything about Vietnamese Remy Hair
  1. What is Vietnamese Remy hair?

Vietnamese Remy Hair is 100% Vietnamese Human hair, cut from 2-3 healthy donors having the same direction and nearly similar quality of hair .

Vietnamese Remy Hair is untouch hair, never goes under any chemical process such as bleaching, dyeing and coloring.

Like the other Remy hair, before coming to customer’s hands,Vietnamese Remy Hair goes through some light treatments like washing with shampoo, steam or heat to make Vietnamese Remy Hair softer and smoother.

1. Outstanding features of Vietnamese Remy Hair

  • Natural

Vietnamese Remy Hair is unprocessed and no chemicals-added hair, so it remains the purity of the natural hair in terms of black or dark brown colors as well as straight or slight wave textures. Hence, Vietnamese Remy Hair is very strong, shiny and as real as your own hair.

  • Tender and dense

Vietnamese Remy Hair is taken from Vietnamese people whose hair has straight, thick and smooth textures. These textures are created by hair cells genes of Vietnamese people, which becomes the one of the competitive advantages of Vietnamese Remy Hair.

The softness of Vietnamese Remy Hair is also made thanks to the strict collecting process. All Vietnamese Remy Hair is guaranteed in the one direction to have the same direction of cuticles in spite of 2-3 sources of donors. The hair cuticles are in one way makes the feeling of softness and smoothness when you touch the hair.

Vietnamese Remy hair
  • Strong and durable

Vietnamese Remy Hair originates mainly from Vietnamese villagers (80%) who live in mountainous areas. Thanks to favourable weather (cool and fresh atmosphere), Vietnamese Remy Hair isn’t directly exposed to hot sunlight, so Vietnamese Remy Hair is very strong.

Vietnamese Remy Hair is properly treated with a healthy daily hair care routine without shedding or tangling. Vietnamese Villagers have the habit of applying herbal medicine shampoo to their hair, so Vietnamese Remy Hair is so strong and durable for 2 to 4 years of use with good maintenance.

Vietamese Habits of using herbal shampoo
  • Available

Each bundle of Vietnamese Remy Hair can be mixed from 2-3 donors having similar quality of hair, so it is easier to get and produce large amounts of Vietnamese Remy Hair compared to Vietnamese Virgin Hair. However, it is easy to be fooled between Vietnamese Remy and Virgin Hair, so be careful to select a dependable Vietnamese Remy Hair factory who can supply large amounts but still guarantee the quality.

Vietnamese Remy Hair
  • Economic- efficiency of price

Price of Vietnamese Remy Hair is more affordable than the price of Vietnamese Virgin Hair which is cut from only one donor, but the quality of Vietnamese Remy Hair is almost as good as Vietnamese Virgin Hair.

If you are a hair business, selling high quality products with attractive price like Vietnamese Remy Hair will satisfy your customers and still increase profit margin.

Vietnamese Remy Hair always has a large amount available in stock, it is easier for you to supply big orders.

2. Drawbacks of Vietnamese Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy Hair has a slight difference in texture of the hair due to collecting from multiple donors. Hence when being bleached or dyed with bright color, Vietnamese Remy Hair may not get a perfect outcome. However, it can be good with hairstyles such as light wavy, straight or curly.

Another disadvantage of Vietnamese Remy Hair is that it is difficult to distinguish it from Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair. If you are not hair experts or not experienced in the field, you may be fooled by lower quality at high price when you get Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair. Be smart and careful to choose a dependable Viethamese Remy Hair factory.

Vietamese Virign And Remy Hair

3. Distinguish Vietnamese Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair

Distinguishing Vietnamese Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair may not be easy for a newbie or inexperienced hair company. Many companies, due to profit, have scammed customers Non-Remy Hair and Remy Hair. To clearly differentiate these two hair types, look at the table below:

Vietnamese Remy hair
Vietnamese Non- Remy Hair
By eyes By touch By smell Source Durability Price
Vietnamese Remy Hair Natural color, Strong, shiny, silky Very soft and smooth due to 90% intact cuticles Smell shampoo or hair From 2-3 Vietnamese donors with nearly same quality With proper care, it can last up to 4 years Affordable Price
Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair Not strong, not shiny or silky Not soft, not smooth very messy after short time of use Strong chemical  or uncomfortable smell Many donors and different sources like hairbrushes, hospitality, orphanages,.. nice for the first time but easily shedding and tangle after short time of use Quite low Price

In order to have further detail about Vietnamese Virgin Hair, let’s refer to this link: Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

4. Vietnamese Remy Hair products:

Vietnamese Remy Hair has been well known for the good quality for a long time, but it also receives much attention about the variety of products. Vietnamese Remy Hair is produced mainly four types:

  • Remy tape in hair

Vietnamese Remy Tape in hair is made from Vietnamese Remy hair with a tape to make the hair longer and thicker within a few minutes. Customers can tape their hair at home to do hair in their own styles. It is also easy to take off tape in hair whenever they want.

Vietnamese Tape In Remy Hair

A tape should be changed after fews mouths to make sure your hair tightly stitched

  • Remy clip in hair
Vietnamese Clip in Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy Clip in hair is from Vietnamese Remy hair. Like tape in, Clip in hair also makes the hair longer and thicker but with some tips. It is still easy and quick to do hairstyles at home. However, compared to tape in, it requires more effort to tip the hair, customers may need support from other people if they are not familiar.

  • Remy ponytail hair

Still from Vietnamese Remy Hair, Remy ponytail hair is the brilliant combination of a closure with small tip or tape on top and a ribbon or a strand. This product takes the least time to make your hair. This has been the must-have hair style for energetic and fashionable girls for a long time.

Vietnamese Remy Hair
Vietnamese Ponytail Remy Hair
  • Remy I-tip hair

Vietnamese Remy I-tip hair is the permanent method to have denser and longer hair. Buyers will not have to worry about thier hair being suddenly taken off. However, to use Vietnamese Remy Hair, they have to go to hair salons to get support from hairdressers. But Hair users can freely style their hair such as straight, wavy or curly hair. If you are a hair salon, Remy I-tip hair will be your best choice.

Vietnamese tip in Remy Hair

 II. Vietnamese Remy Hair with others Remy Hair

  1. Chinese Remy Hair

Chinese Remy Hair, different from Vietnamese Remy Hair, collected from many countries like Cambodia, India, China,.. and different sources like hair brushes, hospitality, so Chinese Remy hair is not in one direction, and has no intact cuticles. To have softness and smoothness, Chinese Remy Hair is added with lots of chemicals like silicon. It is very nice the first time but gets worse after the silicon layer has gone away.

Vietnamese Remy Hair
chinese Remy Hair

Due to the industrial-production scale, Chinese Remy Hair has a much lower price. However, price always go in hand with the quality

  1. Indian Remy Hair

Chinese Remy hair, like Vietnamese Remy Hair, originates from Indian people. However, Indian Remy Hair has the lowest quality.

Indian Hair is affected by extreme weather: hot and humid along with improper care routine, its quality is not as good as Vietnamese Remy hair in terms of strength and shineness.

Being collected from many unqualified sources such as pagodas, combs,.. Indian hair has no intact cuticles, thus the softness and smoothness is very low.

Indian Remy Hair

Due to the available source and quality, Indian Remy Hair has the lowest price.

  1. Compare Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy, Chinese Remy and Indian Remy Hair are the three biggest and most famous brands in Hair industry. However, Vietnamese Remy Hair has more competitive advantages compared to other Remy Hair.

Quality Source Durability Price
Vietnamese Remy Hair Strong, smooth, soft, 90% intact cuticles, shiny 100% Vietnamese villagers 2-3 donors 2-4 years with proper treatment The most affordable price
Chinese Remy Hair Smooth and soft thanks to chemicals Indian, Cambodian, Chinese people and many donors, combs, hospital Nice for the first time but easily shedding and tangling as silicon layer gone Low price with low quality
Indian Remy Hair Not strong, smooth and soft Indian people and pagodas, orphanages,.. 2-4 years if treated well The cheapest price

III. How to choose a reliable Vietnamese Remy Hair

If you are a newbie, it can be unfamiliar for you to find a trustable Vietnamese Remy Hair supplier among many Vietnamese Remy Hair factories, let’s follow our steps. However, if you are experienced in searching Vietnamese Remy Hair factory,skip this part and move to the next one.

  1. Steps to find reputed Vietnamese Hair Factory

  • Step 1: Search  from google, bing, yahoo and so on or read reviews and feedback from Hair Factory Review Groups and E-commerce such as Alibaba to find factory names.
  • Step 2: Go to the official websites of Vietnamese Hair Factory to check information and products
  • Step  3: Directly contact them via websites, social media fanpage, whatsapp for further information: product pictures and videos, price, shipping fee, payment, certificate, company address, etc
  • Step 4:Compare Vietnamese Remy Hair Factory to choose the most suitable

2. What is a reliable Vietnamese Remy Hair Factory like?

These below features collected from hair factory review groups and opinions of hair salons as well as hair wholesalers will be the useful tips to support you to find your Vietnamese Remy Hair Factory.

  • Professional and detailed website

A factory’s website is well-designed, showing how professional and professional the factory is. All general information about the factory in terms of location, time of establishment, registration document,quality certificates, and partners are clearly shown will be more reliable. If you are looking at a Vietnamese Remy Hair factory with vague and meager  information, that may be a scammer.

  • Famous on social media and big ecommerce

Available on social media such as facebooks, instagram, twitter, pinterest or big ecommerce like alibaba, amazon and having huge followers and good rating as well as positive feedback also shows that Vietnamese Remy Hair Factory is a good one. Besides, if you find a factory with pages regularly updating videos and pictures of their real products, it refers to the reliable one and also gives you a chance to check their products by looking.

  • Staff as a hair expert

To know more about the factory as well as its products, you can directly talk with its staff. Being knowledgeable about the hair industry especially Vietnamese Remy Hair, professionally diverling service and enthusiastic support, the staff will properly come from a good Vietnamese Remy factory.

  • Clear and professional payment and shipping process

Providing you a clear and professional payment and shipment process including clear bill, amount of deposit, shipment fee, shipment time, refund procedures and so on also the sign of a dependable Vietnamese Remy Factory. If the supplier pushes you to pay money and gives you vague refund policies, or guarantee, be careful, you may be frauded.

  • Get good customer reviews.

The most trustable evidence you should consider before selecting a factory to buy Vietnamese Remy Hair is the feedback of previous customers. The customer’s review they provide may be subjective, but you may research reviews from hair factory review groups and from ecommerce to make the best decision.

Tips to find reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory

IV: Procedures of importing Vietnamese Remy Hair

As you decide to import Vietnamese Remy Hair, you may wonder if it is easy to import Vietnamese Remy Hair or not. We can guarantee that it is so easy and quick to import Vietnamese Remy Hair. These are the steps of importing Vietnamese Remy Hair from K-Hair, which is the first hair factory in Vietnam.

    • Step 1: Contact the wholesale factory boss of K-Hair to import hair from Vietnam through WhatsApp to get more advice on how to start a hair business or import hair from Vietnam.
  • Step 2: List up your order based on below form to make invoice


  •  Step 3: Factory calculate shipping fee based on your country and send you the invoice bill.
    • Step 4: After checking invoice bill, you can make deposit payment (about 50% to deposit) to start order
    • Step 5: Orders are made and it takes 7-14 days of shipping time, depending on orders. Before shipping, a video is made for you to check the hair, only when you are satisfied with their quality, then you pay the rest and factory ships order for you

V: Top 3 best Vietnamese Remy Hair suppliers.

  1. Top 1: K-hair, the leading quality Vietnmaese Remy Hair

With over 24 years of establishment and development, K-hair has conquered the most demanding customers with high quality at affordable price.

K-hair- the best virgin hair quality factory
  • K- hair Remy Hair Products: Remy hair extensions including tip in,tape in and clip in; Remy hair closure and frontal, Remy hair weft.

K-hair Vietnam

Address: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi 100000

Phone: +84967894448

K-hair USA

Address: No. 13911, 13 th Dr SE Unit M, Mill Creek, WA, USA

Phone: +1-425-773-2019

  • Whatsapp hotline(24/7) : +84  96 789 4448
  • Ms Cherry ( Production Manager) :  +84 85 558 8000
  • Mr Charles ( Techical Expert) +84 85 558 8000
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Top 2: Vietnam Remy Hair

The second largest Vietnamese Remy Hair factory, provides variety of choices: Remy Hair extensions, closure, wigs.

Remy hair vietnam

3. Top 3: 5S-hair

5S-hair Vietnam – the oldest Vietnamese Hair Factory. Not largely known on social media compared to K-hair, 5S hair is for large hair wholesalers coming to Vietnam and directly buying hair products. Thanks to good quality and reasonable price, 5S hair is the reputed remy hair factory supplying huge amount of products to wholesalers and famous hair salons

5s-hair factory
  • 5S-hair Vietnamese Remy Hair products: Remy Hair extensions in form of tape in, tip in, clip in and ponytail, Remy Hair closure, Remy Hair frontal in different hair distributes and colors.
  • Contact Factory Boss To Learn About How To Import Hair From Vietnam?
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

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