Details information about synthetic hair factory for girls 

Along with human hair factories, synthetic hair factory are also highly regarded suppliers in the field of hair extensions in general. The synthetic hair factory has many similarities and differences compared to other human hair suppliers, and these make them special. The following article will provide you with all the necessary information about them and a comparison between the two types of suppliers in this market.


Details information about synthetic hair factory for girls

1. Brief information about the synthetic hair factory

Synthetic hair factory is a supplier specializing in the production of hair extensions that are not made from real human hair but are made from synthetic fibers on the market. Therefore, they do not have the softness or shine of real hair but look a bit rougher. If you buy cheap and poor quality items from a synthetic hair factory, they can also be exposed and not look good.

The quality of the hair bought from the synthetic hair factory cannot be as good as the hair at the human hair factory, but it is much cheaper, and there are even many items that look like real hair and are especially cheap. Synthetic hair factory also divided into many types with different qualities, and since they are not the same, you should buy from large or reputable suppliers to make sure their products are good.

The items at the synthetic hair factory usually have a short lifespan and cannot be used too many times, as the staff will often warn you when you buy them. These products will last for a few months to a year depending on the type you buy, and long-term use can cause discomfort for guests. Therefore, it is recommended that you use them all within a few hours.


Brief information about the synthetic hair factory

2. Compare synthetic hair factory with human hair factory

Human hair factories are suppliers of hair that is directly collected from the real hair of girls in various countries, so they will look shiny and moisturized more often. At the same time, their texture is usually light and pleasant, bringing comfort to consumers. The synthetic hair factory attracts readers with items that are made to look like the real thing, with a texture close to human hair, but they will require regular moisturizing to avoid tangles that bother you.

Price is a strong point that synthetic hair factories are very proud of because they do not have to collect hair extensions and take a long time to produce hair extensions from them. So the process is reduced, the price goes with the quality, so it is cheaper. If you have a low budget, these are the items designed specifically for you. In addition, you can also enjoy attractive discounts that suppliers often offer to make customers more interested in their products.

In terms of styling, the two types of hair sold by the two manufacturers have similar types and styles, and even synthetic hair factories have more unique items as a form of customer attraction. Weft synthetic hair extensions, wig synthetic hair extensions, or frontal synthetic hair extensions, they are all available in factories in different colors for you. You can also buy an item with multiple colors from the synthetic hair factory  to change every day because their prices are cheap.

Regarding the application process or the removal steps of synthetic hair and human hair items, they are the same; only the recommended hair care products are different. Synthetic hair types will use specialized products that are recommended by the seller during your purchase, and they are usually not products for other human hair. You can ask the seller about these products carefully, as they need regular moisturizing to maintain their best structure.

Another point about these items that customers often notice is the impact they have on your real hair. With that said, human hair extensions usually don’t cause any harm to your hair and usually stay the way your hair is after you remove them. But synthetic hair extensions are not so perfect, as they can make your hair frizzy or even weak when you keep them on your head for several hours.


Compare synthetic hair factory with human hair factory

3. The synthetic hair factory you should give them a try

Different synthetic hair factories will have different products in terms of characteristics, so choosing a good synthetic hair factory is the first step to protecting your hair against breakage. Reputable suppliers often sell you items of more consistent and uniform quality for you.

In particular, w’s hair factory is a supplier that has been tested for credibility and appeared on the market early. Their synthetic hair factory has the best quality items from their current suppliers, and the staff is extremely enthusiastic when dealing with customers. When you contact the seller during their business hours, the speed of replying to messages is usually considered to be relatively fast.

Also, a synthetic hair factory that has been around for a few years or has been established for a few years is always more trustworthy than a new one, which can be a scammer. Before making a purchase, you need to be alert and check the information as well as their reputation, and then transfer your deposit to avoid any troubles that may appear. 

This is critical because, while there are many reliable suppliers in the current market, there are also many scammers who label synthetic hair factories in order to sell low-quality products for their customers. 


The synthetic hair factory you should give them a try

This synthetic hair factory article has covered all the good and bad points of this type of factory. And for you to have a better overview, I also compared them with another famous type of factory, the human hair factory. Hopefully, after reading this far, you can understand the unique characteristics of these two factories and make a purchasing decision from the right supplier.

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