CEO Founder of Vietnamese Hair Factory – Mr. Liam Walsh

He is an enthusiastic and talented person, greatly contributing to the success of Vietnamese Hair Factory today. Thanks to his deep vision and many new innovations in the business, he has helped our factory grow and become famous in the market.

Who are we?

Vietnamese Hair Factory is a wholesale hair vendor from Vietnam. Founded in 2019, we have gradually affirmed our position and developed more services in the market.

In terms of products, we are always firmly committed to customers, all items are sourced directly from Vietnamese women’s hair, which has the best softness and durability. At the same time, we are constantly improving technology to produce more new products, adapting to the needs of customers to be more beautiful.

Our mission and vision

We always strive to become the leading wholesale hair vendor in the field of hair extensions, meeting all the needs of customers, even the smallest. As a result, we always uphold the mission of providing high-quality products at reasonable prices so that customers have a positive experience with the products. The satisfaction of consumers is always an important part of our business strategy.


Production process at Vietnamese Hair Factory

Meet the Vietnamese Hair Factory team

With an enthusiastic and young team, we are always confident and ready to advise customers anytime, anywhere. The staff has undergone a long period of professional training, so all your questions about products or how to order are answered as quickly as possible.

Our production, service, and sales processes

Normally, to place an order at Vietnamese Hair Factory, you will go through the following basic processes:

  1. You contact us through our contact information or through the website, providing the necessary information about the order you place.
  2. Our staff receives your request, takes note of your information, and issues an invoice for you to check.
  3. After confirming that all information is recorded, you will deposit 50% of the order value with us for the factory to proceed with production.
  4. When the factory is finished, we will take pictures and videos for you. At that time, you deposit the remaining amount, and the order will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

Vietnamese Hair Factory is a hair business that specializes in styling and marketing all-natural hair at the most competitive price on the market. Our hair products are incredibly well-liked not only in Vietnam but also in many other nations because of the great hair extensions quality and the modernization of our hair extension methods.
We have to work really hard in order to provide our clients with gorgeous, lustrous, and well-prepared hair extensions in a variety of lengths and textures. Since all of the Vietnamese Hair Factory’s products are done by hand, our labor must be skilled and meticulous in their job. In order to get the best deal for hair extensions, contact us with the information bellow:
Hotline: +84855588000