Virgin hair vendors wholesale with everything you must know

Virgin hair extensions are currently one of the hair types that are always loved and chosen by customers because of their outstanding advantages compared to many other hair types appearing on the market. The following article will provide you with some necessary information about this hair type, introducing the popular virgin hair vendors wholesale so that you can find yourself the best wholesale virgin hair factory.


Virgin hair vendors wholesale with everything you must know

1. Overview of virgin hair vendors wholesale

To simply explain, virgin hair vendors wholesale are a supplier specializing in hair extensions made from virgin hair for customers. This is a type of hair of superior quality because of its alignment and uniformity, and because it has never been subjected to chemical changes that alter the structure of the hair. Because of that, the supply of virgin hair is not too abundant in the market, so there are only a few virgin hair vendors wholesale.

Virgin hair is a high quality hair, so the quality will go hand in hand with a higher price tag than other remy hair or non remy hair. Prices for different types and styles of hair will vary even if they are from the same source as virgin hair, as each requires different manufacturing processes by different factories. To ensure you get the right item from a hair factory wholesale, you should choose carefully and listen carefully to the advice of the factory staff.

Usually, wealth hair factories often sell virgin hair of different origins, most famously hair from three major markets such as Vietnam, China, and India. They are all virgin hair but have different prices and textures, because the hair structures of women in the three countries are different. For example, virgin hair in Vietnam is stronger because it is the hair of a mountain woman, often taken care of with natural products. Hair in China and India is cheaper, because their hair quality is average, and it is produced in large quantities in factories.

And according to reviews, virgin hair in Vietnam is the hair with the best texture and smoothness and is often sold at an affordable price at wholesale virgin hair factories.


Overview of virgin hair vendors wholesale

2. Virgin hair vendors wholesale with hair care suggestions

Like other types of hair that are widely sold, virgin hair purchased from wholesale also requires a careful take care process on the part of the buyer. Proper and regular care will help them keep their perfect structure and provide a better user experience. And commonly, consumers will use the following ways to take care of their hair.

Firstly, specialized hair care products need to be used regularly. Hair extensions in general cannot use hair care products like your real hair, they are more susceptible to damage and breakage, so they need special care with gentle and specialized products like vitamin factory feme hair plus 500. These often include shampoos and conditioners recommended for use on advice from virgin hair vendors wholesale, from salon sellers, or simply products of natural origin. Or if you want to take more care, hair mask products are also necessary to help your hair stay moisturized and smooth, just like when you first bought it.

Secondly, do not apply heat to hair purchased from virgin hair vendors wholesale. Heat effects include using a hair dryer to dry your hair after washing your hair, or styling it like straightening, curling, or dyeing. They are not recommended because they make your virgin hair weaker and frizzy, and can create frequent breakage, creating inconvenience for you. Therefore, before buying, the staff in the factories will often advise you on this so that you keep it in mind during the time of use. And after shampooing, to make sure your hair can dry, you can put them in a cool place for a few hours, they will dry naturally without too much time to dry your hair. 

Finally, the frequency of shampooing is not too frequent. Hair extensions do not need to be washed as constantly as your real hair, because the factory process cleans them completely. You only need to wash your hair after each use to ensure that the dirt or dust in the environment does not stick to the hair extensions purchased from virgin hair vendors wholesale, making sure your hair is always clean. Washing your hair too much in a week makes it even easier to tangle, even loosening the floating joints.


Virgin hair vendors wholesale with hair care suggestions

3. Virgin hair vendors wholesale which is best for you

Finally, after really understanding virgin hair and the common characteristics of wealth hair factory, the last part of the article will suggest to you some good wholesalers that can make you satisfied when placing an order. Here are a few suggestions for wholesale virgin hair from many different countries, also with different textures as mentioned above. So you can choose the best one based on the source of virgin hair that you really like.

There are many wealth hair factories in the current market that customers trust to buy, such as tony hair factory, the hair factory houston tx, bronx hair factory, Vietnamese Hair Factory, Vietnamese Hair Suppliers. This is a factory from many countries around the world, but what they all have in common is that they are reliable factories that you can give it a try.

If you are confused between the names and do not know how to choose, you can try to find out the products on their website or send a message through the website to receive clearer advice on product quality and price, and decide based on your criteria.


Virgin hair vendors wholesale which is best for you

This article is intended to provide basic information about virgin hair vendors wholesale that you can refer to, as well as current famous wealth hair factories. I hope you will find the above information useful. You can rely on it to make the most perfect choice and have a great experience using virgin hair.

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