Vietnamese Virgin Hair: Why is it always on the hot seat?

Hair extension industry becomes the savior for both women and men with imperfect hair due to the big transformation that hair extension brings. People all over the world are fascinated about hair extension. Thus, it has become a very appealing and profitable business industry worldwide. However, among too many different hair types, why Vietnamese Virgin Hair always on the top list of favourite choices? This article, with the views from specialists in Hair industry, will tell you why Vietnamese Virgin Hair is so great and how to choose a dependable Vietnamese Virgin Hair Factory to accompany you to succeed. 

I. Everything about Vietnamese Virgin Hair

There must be reasons why Vietnamese Virgin Hair is so hot. If you are a hair business, should you purchase Vietnamese Virgin Hair to start your business or not. This article will clearly answer you.

  1. What is  Vietnamese Virgin Hair 

Virgin hair is 100% human hair, cut from only one donor. Being called Virgin Hair because it never goes through any chemical treatment such as dye, color or styled. It remains almost cuticles and in natural condition.  

Vietnamese Virgin Hair totally comes from Vietnamese people who are 80% villagers from mountainous areas. Thus, Vietnamese Virgin Hair is normally straight, soft, skilky and in black colors because it is not affected by extreme hot weather like other such Indian Virgin Hair or Chinese Hair. 

The habits of using natural shampoo made from herbal medicine of Vietnamese villagers also make the hair strong and thick.  

  • Outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

3.1: Natural

Never being chemically processed, Vietnamese Virgin Hair maintains its own quality and pure look in terms of colors and textures. Hence, Vietnam Virgin Hair will bring you the most natural hair like your real hair.  

3.2: Tender and dense

Vietnamese people have hair cell genes deciding the thickness and softness of the hair. Hence, Vietnamese Virgin Hair is generally smooth and soft as well as thick without applying any chemical. 

The habits of using natural shampoo made from herbal medicine of Vietnamese villagers also make the hair soft and thick.  

3.3: Strong and durable

Vietnamese Virgin Hair totally comes from Vietnamese people who are 80% villagers from mountainous areas. Thus, Vietnamese Virgin Hair is normally straight, soft, skilky and in black colors because it is not affected by extreme hot weather like other such Indian Virgin Hair or Chinese Hair. 

As Vietnamese Virgin Hair hasn’t been damaged by medical treatments such bleach, dye and so on, it’s so strong that there are no split ends or shedding. Having the highest quality, only after Raw virgin hair, Vietnamese Virgin Hair has a long life-time compared to other types of hair (up to 9 months) with proper hair care routine.

3.4: Functional 

Thanks to the best quality,Vietnamese Virgin Hair is safe and fits all types of hair treatments. 

  • Trendiest colors

Taken from only one donor, Vietnamese Virgin Hair ensures uniform hair quality in texture and colours. Thus, it can be bleached and dyed with light bright color as 613 blonde color. 

  • Complicated hairstyles

Thanks to the luxurious quality of hai, you can confidently make many hairstyles from straight to wavy, small to big curls, light to heavy waves. That is why Vietnamese Virgin Hair is always highly appreciated by celebrities. 

  • The disadvantages of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Along with luxurious quality, the price of Vietnamese Virgin Hair is relatively more expensive than the other like Indian or Chinese Hair. Collected from only a healthy and single donor for even small bundles, Vietnamese Virgin Hair becomes rarer. That makes the price higher and if you want to order a big amount, it takes time for even big suppliers to manufacture.   However, whether you are buying Vietnamese Virgin Hair for your personal uses or your hair business, the quality of Vietnamese Virgin Hair will surely make you satisfied with the money you spend.

  • Products of Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is not only well known for its high-end quality, but also the variety of Vietnamese Virgin Hair products is highly appreciated.

5.1. Virgin clip in hair extension

Virgin clip hair extension is virgin hair with small clips which allows your hair to look more voluminous, extending and gorgeous. 

You can stick clip in hair extension within a few minutes and take it off whenever you want. It is the fast and convenient way to have a natural and beautiful hairstyle.

5.2. Virgin tape in hair extension

Like clip-in hair, virgin tape in hair is also made from Vietnamese Virgin Hair, can temporarily style your hair. With different choices of lengths, colors and textures, customers can have multiple hairstyle choices without going to hair salons, waiting long hours and applying chemicals to your hair.

The virgin tape in hair can be used for a long time, but customers need to change the tape after a few months of using it to make sure it can tidely stick to your hair.

5.3 Virgin ponytail hair extension

Virgin ponytail hair, made Vietnamese Virgin Hair, the amazed combination of clip in or tap in hair extension with a lace closure. Hair is firmly attached to a small lace with a small clip and tape on the top combined with a ribbon or strand of hair, Hair users can have a beautiful ponytail hair in just a minute. If your target market is energetic and fashionable girls, Vietnamese Virgin ponytail hair extensions will be your best seller item.

5.4 Virgin I-tip hair extension 

Virgin I-tip hair extension, different from above virgin hair products, uses a micro ring made to attack virgin hair extensions with your real hair to make it thicker and longer. This method provides customers with a fixed, beautiful hairstyle. But if they want to apply or take off Virgin I-tip hair extensions, they have to go to a salon and ask for help from hair specialists.

II. Reputed Virgin Hair: Vietnamese Virgin Hair, Chinese Virgin Hair and Indian Virgin Hair.

  • Vietnamese Virgin Hair  

Being the best quality of virgin hair, Vietnamese Virgin Hair becomes a favourable product of many big hair wholesalers and luxurious hair salons. Strong, super bouncy and shiny Vietnamese Virgin Hair, carefully processed by the skillful hands of experienced workers, still has a very affordable price. 

  • Chinese Virgin Hair 

Chinese Hair is the most available virgin hair type. Due to the various sources of hair coming from Indian, Cambodia, Malaysia, and so on along with industrial-scale production, Chinese Hair factories have large amounts of virgin hair in stock at a quite low price. Chinese Hair has been through some chemicals, so it has very good quality at the first time. However, after a few times of using it, its quality gradually decreases with shedding and tangling.  

  • Indian Virgin Hair 

Indian Virgin hair origins from Indian people. It is quite long, thick and dense, but due to the extreme weather and no proper treatment, Indian Virgin Hair is not quite soft, silky and shiny as Vietnamese Virgin Hair. Being the cheapest hair supplier in the world because the source of hair is abundant and almost Indian Virgin Hair is still traditionally and manually produced, so the quality rate is just normal.

  • Compare Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian Virgin Hair

Source Quality Price Durability 
Vietnam 100% healthy Vietnamese villager, single donor Strong, smooth, undamaged cuticles, shiny, super bouncy  Affordable price

Price fits quality

Up to 4 years with proper treatment
China Indian, Cambodian, Chinese donor Look nice for the first time, then easily shedded and tangled At the quite low price 1-2 years if treated well
India Indian donor Dense, strong, long but not too soft, smooth and shiny  Cheapest Price 2-3 years with good maintenance

III: How to select a reliable Vietnamese Virgin Hair supplier

It can be overwhelming for you to choose a dependable Vietnamese Virgin Hair supplier among many brand names, these below criterias which are collected from hair factory review groups and opinions of hair salons as well as hair wholesalers will be the useful guide for you to find your Vietnamese Virgin Hair Factory.

  • Professional and detailed website

A factory with a well-designed website shows the scale and professionalism of the factory. You can go to the website to check general information about the factory in terms of location, time of establishment, registration document,quality certificates, partners and so on. A Vietnamese Virgin Hair factory with vague and meager information will not be the good choice.

  • Available on social media and big ecommerce

Appearing on social media such as facebooks, instagram, twitter or big ecommerce like alibaba, amazon with huge numbers of followers and good rating as well as feedback also shows that Vietnamese Virgin Hair Factory is a trustable one. A factory with pages having regularly updated videos and pictures of their real products also gives you a chance to check their products by eyes.

  • Profound knowledge about hair of staff

To know more about the factory as well as its products, you can directly talk with its staff. Being knowledgeable about the hair industry, professionally diverling service and enthusiastic support, the staff will properly come from a good factory.

  • Clear and professional payment and shipping process

A reliable factory provides you a clear and professional payment and shipment process including clear bill, amount of deposit, shipment fee, shipment time, refund procedures and so on. If the supplier rushes you to pay money and gives you vague refund policies, or guarantee, it can be a scammer.    

  • Good feedback from customers.

The most reliable evidence you can look at before choosing a factory to purchase Vietnam Virgin Hair is the feedback of previous customers. The customer’s review they provide may be subjective, but you may research reviews from hair factory review groups and from ecommerce to make the best decision.

IV. Highly recommended Vietnamese Virgin Hair brand

Here is the top list of Vietnamese Virgin Hair rated by Virgin Hair Buyers. 

  • Top #1: K-hair – the leading quality of Vietnamese Hair Factory 

K-hair, the king of hair factory, provides high quality of various types of hair and Virgin Hair is  not an exception. With over 24 years of establishment and development, K-hair has conquered the most demanding customers with high quality at affordable price.

  • K- hair Virgin Hair Products: single drawn virgin hair,double drawn virgin hair and supper double virgin hair. 
  • K-hair Vietnam

 Address: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi 100000

 Phone: +84967894448

  • K-hair USA

 Address: No. 13911, 13 th Dr SE Unit M, Mill Creek, WA, USA

 Phone: +1-425-773-2019

  • Whatsapp hotline(24/7) : +84  96 789 4448
  • Ms Cherry ( Production Manager) :  +84 85 558 8000
  • Mr Charles ( Techical Expert) +84 85 558 8000
  • Website: 
  • Facebook:
  • Top #2: 5S-hair – the oldest Vietnamese Hair Factory

The top 2 is 5S-hair Vietnam – the oldest Vietnamese Hair Factory. Not largely known on social media compared to K-hair, 5S hair is for large hair wholesalers coming to Vietnam and directly buying hair products. Thanks to good quality and reasonable price, 5S hair is the reputed virgin hair factory supplying huge amount of products to wholesalers and famous hair salons 

  • 5S-hair virgin products:
  • Contact Factory Boss To Learn About How To Import Hair From Vietnam?
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial
  • Top#3: Remy Hair Vietnam

Vietnam Remy Hair – the third big Vietnamese virgin human hair extensions distributor providing virgin hair to customers in many countries. Throughout many years of working, it gains lots of trust and  supplies human hair products to hundreds of countries worldwide.

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