Vietnamese virgin hair: Best hair quality for color hair

Brazilian or Indian hair is quite popular among our customers. On the other hand, Vietnamese virgin hair is growing increasingly popular across the world. Should you buy hair from a Vietnamese source if you want to change your hairstyle? This article will reveal some interesting facts about Vietnamese hair that you might not know.

Vietnamese virgin hair: Best hair quality for color hair.

Hair sources of Vietnamese virgin hair.

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese hair market is still in its infancy compared to the Chinese or Indian markets, it has grown rapidly in recent years and has become the preferred option of hair merchants worldwide. Vietnamese wholesale hair vendors are now the best wholesale hair extensions suppliers all over the world.

Hair sources of Vietnamese virgin hair.

Vietnam has recently emerged as the most well-known emerging country in the hair extension business. Despite the fact that Vietnam’s hair business has been expanding for some time, the country has built a reputation for exporting hair to high-demand markets such as the US, the UK, Russia, Brazil, and Europe…


Here are a few reasons why you should go for Vietnamese virgin hair. To begin, Vietnamese women’s hair is known for being naturally smooth and healthy. Vietnamese virgin hair comes from women who live in mountainous places, where the temperature is cold and the hair is dull. As a result, their hair is sun-protected and does not split at the ends. When it comes to virgin hair vs remy hair extensions from Vietnam, they are all of good-quality, and the virgin hair is of higher quality for sure.

Hair sources of Vietnamese virgin hair.

Women in the region also pay great attention to hair care; they never wash their hair with dangerous chemicals, choosing instead to utilize herbs such as boket, lemongrass, and grapefruit oil, which they know are the finest natural gifts for their hair. As a result, when it comes to the synthetic hair and human hair or Vietnamese human hair and other countries’ human hair, Vietnamese one is always the prominent one.

K-Hair is the best place for Vietnamese virgin hair.

If you are searching for a high-quality free vendor list with reliable wholesale hair suppliers that can supply the best virgin hair extensions, here are top 1 in the list to consider. Since its beginning in the hair business, K- Hair Factory has dominated this sector in the S-shaped country with a number of outstanding achievements. Furthermore, K- Hair Factory is a great choice for high quality at a low cost.

K-Hair is the best place for Vietnamese virgin hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair from K- Hair Factory is made up of 100 percent human hair extensions created from natural hair from Vietnam, including both Vietnamese virgin hair and Vietnamese remy hair, as well as a range of super double drawn hair. Aside from the trendy blonde: #613, K- Hair Factory offers a range of additional colors and lengths, including #1b, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #60, and others. Don’t worry if folks aren’t sure which styles are ideal for their face and skin tone.

At K- Hair Factory, they may choose from a variety of styles, including body waves, kinky curly, Vietnamese bone straight hair, and more. The average cost of a color hair extension was $8.80. Let’s not forget about K- Hair as a great alternative for those looking for coloured hair extensions.

How to import Vietnamese virgin hair?

To acquire a Vietnamese virgin hair, you must first complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the website and select your desired option. Then call the sales department to speak with a representative.

Step 2: You’ll talk to the salespeople and get an invoice for your purchases.

Step 3: A deposit is made on your travel packages.

Step 4: After you’ve made your payment, your orders will be sent to the factory, where workers will begin working.

Step 5: Once the items have been completed, we will contact you to confirm and ship them to you. Within a few days, they will arrive at your local station.

How to import Vietnamese virgin hair?

Some recommended hair color for Vietnamese virgin hair

For years, ombre color hair extension, red color hair extension, and blonde color hair extension have been the most popular hair colors among women all over the globe made from Vietnamese virgin hair.

Blonde Vietnamese virgin hair

Blonde color hair extensions come in a variety of tints, from strawberry blonde to vanilla blonde to caramel blonde to buttercream blonde—and a host of other colors that don’t sound nearly as enticing (but still look gorgeous). It’s not only a light-to-dark range, either: Blonde hair is available in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, red, brown, orange, and rose gold, and it is always noticeable.

Blond Vietnamese virgin hair

Blonde is a vivid color, therefore if your natural hair extensions are a dark color like black or brown, you’ll need to bleach them to get a true blonde look. As a result, while ordering blonde human hair extensions, the quality of the extensions must be carefully considered. and understand how to properly care for it or how to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions in general:

  • Use shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for blonde and colored hair…
  • Stay as far away from the heat as possible. Applying too much heat to your hair, on top of the chemical treatment, can cause serious damage and dull your shine.
  • Choose the proper oil for hair upkeep. Oils are beneficial to your health, but the process by which they are produced is critical. Any oil that isn’t water soluble should be avoided by blondes.
  • Cut down on how much time you spend washing your hair. This method ensures that the natural oils that keep your hair moisturized are not exhausted. Finish each time you wash your hair with a cold rinse as an option to add to your program. This will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.
How to take care of blonde Vietnamese virgin hair?

Ombre Vietnamese virgin hair

Ombre hair extensions have a darker root that fades into a lighter hue at the ends, and the transition is as fluid as a river flow yet not too contradicting. Clip-in hair, tip/tape-in hair, and closure/frontal hair are all examples of ombre color hair extensions.

Ombre color hair extensions, on the one hand, provide a number of advantages:

  • Ombre color hair extensions are the most appealing hair color combinations.
  • If your hair roots are naturally dark and match your current hair extensions after a few weeks, no touch-up is necessary.
  • Ombre color hair extensions’ half-dark portions go with any skin tone, so it’s your face shape that matters, not your skin tone.
  • On the one hand, ombre color hair extensions offer a variety of benefits:
  • The most beautiful hair color combinations are ombre color hair extensions.
  • No touch-up is required if your hair roots are naturally dark and match your present hair extensions after a few weeks.
  • Because the half-dark regions of ombre color hair extensions go with any skin tone, it’s your face shape that matters, not your skin tone.
Ombre Vietnamese virgin hair

And that’s all about the overview of Vietnamese virgin hair to discover. For a long time, Vietnamese hair, along with some other brands, is the top best hair extension products in the wholesale hair market worldwide. You can discover more about the overview picture of the global wholesale hair business to know why Vietnamese hair is so appreciated among human hair extensions worldwide:

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