Vietnamese hair extensions: Best details

Brazilian or Indian hair is quite popular among our customers. Vietnamese hair extensions, on the other hand, are gaining popularity throughout the world. Should you buy hair from a Vietnamese source if you want to change your hairstyle? This article will reveal some interesting facts about Vietnamese hair that you might not know.

Vietnamese hair extensions: Best details.

Penetrating the term Vietnamese hair extensions.

Despite the fact that the Vietnamese hair extensions business is still in its infancy compared to the Chinese or Indian markets, it has grown rapidly in recent years and has become the preferred option of hair merchants worldwide. Vietnam is now definitely one of the top wholesale raw hair vendors which supply raw hair and a variety of hair extension types in the hair business.

The origin of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnam has lately emerged as the most well-known emerging country in the hair extension business. Despite the fact that Vietnam’s hair business has been developing for some time, the country has built a reputation for exporting hair to high-demand markets such as the US, UK, Russia, Brazil, and Europe… Apart from Vietnamese and Chinese hair, hair sources differ significantly between Vietnamese hair and Indian hair, which is the world’s largest hair market.


So, here are some reasons to go with Vietnamese hair extensions.

To begin, Vietnamese women’s hair is known for being naturally smooth and healthy. Vietnamese hair comes from women who live in hilly places, where the temperature is cold and the hair is dull. As a result, their hair is sun-protected and does not split at the ends. When you compare Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair, the hair quality will really differ.

Hair sources of Vietnamese hair extensions

Women in the region also pay great attention to hair care; they never wash their hair with dangerous chemicals, choosing instead to utilize herbs such as boket, lemongrass, and grapefruit oil, which they know are the finest natural gifts for their hair.

Hair qualities of Vietnamese hair extensions

With so many websites providing Vietnamese hair extensions, it’s important to understand that there are many different types of human hair extensions to pick from. Let’s listen to what they have to say.

Virgin hair 

Human hair extensions that have not been processed and come from a single donor are known as virgin hair extensions. It isn’t bleached or coloured, and it is completely natural. This hair type is rare and expensive since it is not treated with harsh chemicals. Because it comes from younger ladies, virgin hair is free of grey hairs and damaged ends.

Virgin hair for Vietnamese hair extensions

Donors must have long, full, healthy human hair when choosing virgin hair. It’s normally hand-picked from thick, full, long ponytails when it’s collected. Because virgin hair obtained from ponytails is made up of healthy, unprocessed hair, it doesn’t need any further chemical processing to look great.

Remy hair

Because of its high quality and low cost, Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extensions on the market. Remy hair is high-quality hair that may last up to a year and mixes in nicely with your natural hair. “Remy hair” is defined as hair that retains all of its cuticles and flows in the same direction (at time of collection).

Remy hair for Vietnamese hair extensions

There will be very little tangling or matting if all hair strands are in the same direction (if processed properly). Healthy, unbroken cuticles run in the same way from root to tip in authentic, high-quality remy hair.

Some hair styles made from Vietnamese hair extensions

New wholesale hair sellers can import and resell some of the most popular hair styles from Vietnamese hair extensions hair suppliers. Let’s have a look at the two most important ones.

Vietnamese hair extensions weft

A weft of Vietnamese hair extensions is a collection of human hair strands sewn onto a super-thin fabric strip that is ready for your hairdresser to insert into your hair. It is one of the best weft hair extensions in the market to buy.

One of the most significant advantages of Vietnamese hair extensions weft is their versatility. It is gentler on your natural hair and may be used with heat tools. If you want to modify your hairstyle for a short length of time, Vietnamese hair extensions weft is a great option.

Vietnamese hair extensions weft

Hand tied weft and machine weft are the two varieties of Vietnamese hair extensions weft. Both are made entirely of human hair, with all cuticles intact. Machine weft, on the other hand, is more dense, making it thicker and heavier than hand knotted weft. The recommendation is that if your hair is thick and long, manually knotted weft hair will enough to thicken it.

Vietnamese hair extensions clip in

Vietnamese hair extensions clip in is the most popular hair style due to its great features. To obtain greater length, women only need to spend less time on their hair! Clip-in Vietnamese hair extensions are a terrific method to give your hairdo more length and volume. Clip in is a technique that uses a series of miniature pressure-detecting clips to allow human hair to be readily added to natural hair. Hair wefts of various sizes, ranging from one, two, three, and four clips, are used in clipped sets of hair extensions.

Vietnamese hair extensions clip in

You should be aware of the following characteristics of this hairstyle:

  • Clip-in Vietnamese hair extensions may be put in and taken out at any time. When you’re finished, install the clips by gently sliding them in and out.
  • They can be washed, dried, and styled just like real hair, shed very little, and may be worn indefinitely.
  • Having a substantial supply of things on hand on the market at all times. Have a variety of styles that are suitable for each individual’s budget, since practically all of them are fairly priced and of high quality.
  • At first, it may be difficult to adjust to styling and wearing more hair than usual.
  • The clip-in hairdo isn’t appropriate for all times of day.

K-Hair is the best place for Vietnamese hair extensions

The wide range of hair products offered by K-Hair has contributed to the company’s long-term success. K Hair is one of the well-known Vietnamese hair factories with decades of expertise working with European, African, and American clients as well as local hair sellers. Hair salons in Europe often import virgin and raw hair, which they bleach and color to their customers’ preferences. K Hair Vietnam distributes Vietnamese bone straight hair to retail consumers in the region who wish to thicken and extend the life of their natural hair. Because African women’s natural hair is short and sparse, K Hair Vietnam provides weft hair or wigs for them. Clip-in hair, ponytails, and pixie curls are popular hairstyles in the United States.

K-Hair is the best place for Vietnamese hair extensions

Once you buy Vietnamese hair extensions, no matter whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or end-user, considering the hairstyles is necessary, too. With hair sellers in general, this will help you boost the conversations with your customers and build the trust. For end-users, choosing a proper hairstyle for hair extension is the best way to utilize the product! You can get inspirations from many sources, including celebrities who are supposed to be so fashionable and trendy.

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