Vietnamese double drawn hair: A common hair choice among customers

The term “double drawn hair” may pique the interest of those who have acquired human hair extensions. Vietnamese double drawn hair is the type of hair that most hair resellers favor because of its high quality and low cost. This page will tell you all you need to know about Vietnamese double drawn hair, including where to get it.

Vietnamese double drawn hair: A common hair choice among customers.

Overview about Vietnamese double drawn hair

The article will show you all you need to know about Vietnamese double drawn hair – the luxury raw Vietnamese hair before picking which type to acquire for your company.

The term Vietnamese double drawn hair

Employees remove shorter hair by hand and reduce hair ends by hand so that the entire package has the same volume from top to bottom. After that, the hair is woven into a weft. This method will enhance the quality of your hair extensions while also giving you a fuller look.

The term Vietnamese double drawn hair

Double drawn hair extensions are more expensive, but they are of higher quality and quantity, and they will last considerably longer. The highest quality hair is that which has been twice drawn. The hair is well spaced, giving it a very smooth and beautiful appearance.

Although creating double drawn virgin hair is more expensive, we believe it is worthwhile. From root to tip, each hair is the same size, giving you a thick, full head of hair.

Vietnamese Double drawn hair is more expensive, but it has better quality, volume, and lifespan than single drawn hair extensions, albeit it is not as sophisticated as Vietnamese super double drawn hair.


Single drawn hair extensions having a thicker top and a thinner bottom. The ends of your hair extensions may appear thin and straggly as a result of this, especially if you wear them for a long period. Your hair will appear healthier and more voluminous with a decent haircut from your stylist.

Characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair

Here are some of the qualities that make Vietnamese double drawn hair so popular with merchants and distributors all around the world.

  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is 100 percent human hair that is acquired from women in the mountains, making it highly lustrous and strong. The reason for this is due to the human race, a healthy food, and a pleasant climate, and the hair is also well-cared for using herbs like soapberry, lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, and so on.
  • Hair endings: A 60-70 percent ratio of equal-length hairs uniformly organized at the hair’s ends creates a sensation of floating and fullness. Customers who want their coffee thick and smooth will love this.
  • Vietnamese hair has a natural strength and radiance. As a result, the quality of Vietnamese double drawn hair is regarded as ideal, delighting even the most discerning consumers.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair is very easy to style: Because the shine of Vietnamese double drawn hair is so great, hair stylists may design a variety of hairstyles without worrying about it drying out.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair can be dyed and bleached: Due to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair, it can be completely bleached and dyed, with a very high color standard. The brightest color that can be bleached is blonde 613, resulting in hair with lovely colors that please customers.
  • Vietnamese double drawn hair has a long lifespan, up to 2-3 years. It may endure up to 8 years if properly cared for. It’s entirely feasible. Vietnamese double drawn hair, with its outstanding qualities, can please even the most discerning consumers.
Characteristics of Vietnamese double drawn hair

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How to care your Vietnamese double drawn hair?

To have beautiful hair, you must maintain it on a regular basis. Here are some hair care suggestions to keep your tresses looking lustrous and healthy.

We recommend that you use certain Vietnamese double drawn hair care techniques on a daily or weekly basis to keep your hair looking lovely.

  • Washing your hair once or twice a week is advised; if you wash it more frequently, it will get dry and matted.
  • After shampooing, condition your hair. Because Vietnamese double drawn hair is created entirely of human hair, it requires a lot of moisture to be soft and bouncy.
  • Allow the hair to air dry naturally, limiting the use of a hairdryer to prevent the hair from drying out and retaining its natural black luster.
  • To prevent hair loss, use a wide-tooth comb or a specialist comb for hair extensions when combing your hair.
  • Do not color or style your hair haphazardly at home. If you want to color your Vietnamese double drawn hair, visit a salon; they will advise and design the proper hairstyle for you. Before purchasing your hair, ask the provider to manufacture the correct hair color.
How to care your Vietnamese double drawn hair?

As a newbie, what should I do to find a reliable hair vendor of Vietnamese double drawn hair

As the hair business grew, so did the number of hair establishments, resulting in a situation where duped double drawn hair providers could be found everywhere. Here are some tips and suggestions for locating a reputable Vietnamese double drawn hair provider on the market.

Signs of reliable Vietnamese double drawn hair hair vendor

The following qualities must be present in a dependable Vietnamese double drawn hair supplier. In fact, these also the common criteria to look for the top best wholesale hair vendors in the world. They are supposed to provide the best hair extensions at the best prices, so they must meet these demands:

  • The factory must have a clear address, as well as an official corporate website with all of the factory’s fundamental information.
  • Ready to make video chats with consumers to show them the company’s headquarters, factory, and product photos,
  • Previous customers have left positive feedback.
  • If they don’t have these indications, look for alternative Vietnamese double drawn hair vendors, regardless of how inexpensive they are.
Be alert with Signs Vietnamese double drawn hair hair vendor

How to choose Vietnamese double drawn hair vendor?

There are a few options for finding a good Vietnamese double drawn hair supplier:

  • Look through your list of acquaintances. If you have family or friends who have purchased Vietnamese double drawn hair, you may ask them about their experiences and read their reviews to choose which Vietnamese double drawn hair is best for you.
  • Search the Internet, forums, and social media sites such as Google, Instagram, and Pinterest, or join Facebook groups dedicated to Vietnamese double drawn hair,…
  • Hair extension review channels, bloggers, and YouTubers may also help you identify double drawn hair Vietnam providers.

Following these tips, you will definitely be able to find the best wholesale hair extension suppliers. The wholesale hair extensions in general are now so various, so you need to be careful and get enough knowledge to understand them before any purchasing decisions:

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