The special things of raw hair factory you need to know

As one of the special hairstyles sold on the market every year, raw hair extensions are increasingly improved in quality and diversifying in price. Which raw hair factory is the most reliable currently? The answer will be provided below. Read the full article to find out the answer with us, as well as learn more about the raw hair factory and the products they sell.

The special-things-of-raw-hair-factory-you-need-to-know

The special things of raw hair factory you need to know

1. Overview of a raw hair factory

First, to learn about raw hair factory, you need to understand about the products they sell as well as their general characteristics in the market. These suppliers, as the name suggests, will specialize in raw hair factory production for their customers, so they will have a wide range of origin, color, and structure. Each of your different requirements for these characteristics will suit different factories on the market, so you need to choose carefully, paying attention to your criteria, to make the right decision.

Raw hair is a type of hair collected from women and put through a factory production process that puts them in bundles with the same amount of hair. Vendors or salons will more often buy these types of hair for styling or to sell to customers as DIY projects. There are very few customers who buy raw hair for themselves; most also let DIY create a special hairstyle that only they have. Therefore, raw hair factories also often sell in bulk, and bulk printing prices are more favorable than usual.

There are three types of raw hair, but currently on the market, they usually only sell two types: virgin raw hair extensions and remy raw hair extensions. Virgin types are better quality and more expensive, because they are committed to not being heat treated, so they are especially safe for real hair, causing no harm when applied such as tangles or breakage. As for remy raw hair, because it is collected from women who have styled it or at hair salons, it is unavoidable that the original soft texture will be lost due to the heat effect.

If you want to own great quality raw hair and have good financial ability, you should buy virgin raw hair.

The special-things-of-raw-hair-factory-you-need-to-know_2

Overview of a raw hair factory

2. Raw hair factory and main producing countries

There are many factories all over the world with different types of raw hair, but the market always favors hair from three countries: Vietnam, China, and India. They are also the three main countries that produce this hair and export it to many neighboring countries.

2.1. Features of the raw hair factory of Vietnam

According to reviews, this is the country that produces the best quality raw hair, but also has the highest price of the three. Raw hair in Vietnam still retains the wonderful characteristics of Vietnamese women’s hair, long, strong, and strong.

Many countries in Europe or Africa love their products, and also become long-term cooperation partners. Therefore, their raw hair items always sell well and are enjoyed by international customers.

The special-things-of-raw-hair-factory-you-need-to-know_3

Raw hair factory and main producing countries

2.2. Features of raw hair factory in China

China is a country with medium-quality hair extensions and prices in general. They have a large factory for mass production, with many professional workers, so the price is relatively suitable for those with an average budget. At the same time, raw hair factory from China also have many incentives, such as customer gratitude.

In terms of quality, the hair of Chinese women is weak and thin, so it is easier to break when applied to the hair for a long time. Therefore, sellers from China will often recommend that you use specialized hair care products.

2.3. Features of raw hair factory in India

India is the last country on the list and is also rated as the country with the lowest price and quality of the three countries. The weather in India is hot and long, so their hair is dry and frizzy, not too soft like other hair types. Therefore, sometimes they will make the hair extensions you apply look fake and exposed, providing an uninteresting user experience for customers.

However, the price advantage of items from India is significant. Even if you have a low budget, you can easily buy the raw hair extensions you need.

The special-things-of-raw-hair-factory-you-need-to-know_4

Features of raw hair factory in India

3. Reliable raw hair factory in the current hair extension market

The growth of the current hair extension market is very large, so the number of raw hair factories is increasing. Even if you are a fan of hair extensions, you may be surprised by unfamiliar supplier names. Finally, we will provide you with a few famous raw hair factories for you to place an order, you will surely be satisfied with the quality of their products.

You might notice a BMW hair factory, hair store near burlington coat factory, his and her hair factory, Vietnamese Hair Factory, Vietnamese Hair Suppliers, and so on. They are suppliers specializing in raw hair extensions from many countries that are famous for this item in the world, so they are very experienced in the production field. 

At the same time, they are also trusted for their good service quality. Message response speed is often rated as fast, as is good service quality with dedicated staff. And especially if you want to start your own business as a vendor specializing in selling raw hair products, you can also contact them. Raw hair factories like the ones mentioned above are welcome to become their vendors. 

Old customers or customers who buy in bulk will have exclusive offers when buying, so do not hesitate to contact them immediately to place an order.

Hopefully the article about raw hair factory can equip you with enough knowledge about this item as well as the characteristics of factories from many different countries around the world. The list at the end of the article with the names of some of the best factories on the market with good quality can be a good guide for you when choosing a favorite supplier.

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