Interesting characteristics of Chinese hair vendors wholesale

China is one of the big three countries in the field of hair extension production, which is very welcomed by customers in many different countries. Therefore, Chinese hair vendors wholesale also received a lot of attention from the moment they appeared on the market. Would you like to find out more information about them? We have all the useful information for you in this article.


Interesting characteristics of Chinese hair vendors wholesale

1. Overview of a Chinese hair vendors wholesale

China is a large and densely populated country in the world, and they have many large and small factories specializing in the production of various hair extensions. And basically, the types of hair sold at Chinese hair vendors wholesale all have the same characteristics of softness; they only differ in their price and origin, which leads to many different purchase options for customers. 

Regarding the origin of hair extensions, a wholesale virgin hair factory near me in China usually sells two types: remy hair extensions and virgin hair extensions. Remy is hair purchased from two or three different donors in China and put through the manufacturing process in factories to create the right item for the customer. They are often styled so they are not suitable for daily application. Furthermore, virgin hair extensions are sourced from a single donor and have not been heat-treated to ensure perfect hair structure. Because remy hair is less expensive, it is sold in greater quantities by Chinese suppliers, but virgin hair extensions are the highest quality. 

Regarding the price of hair extensions, they are usually based on the origin and number of packs of the hair extensions you buy. Obviously, virgin hair is more expensive than remy hair extensions. The number of packs of hair extensions you need will match your current amount of real hair. A thin head of hair needs about 4 to 6 packs, but thick hair just needs to add a little volume, about 2 to 3 packs is enough.

Compared to Vietnam, another country that is also famous for hair extensions, Chinese hair, although the structure is not as perfect, is much cheaper. Therefore, girls with average income levels are very fond of wholesale hair vendors from China.


Overview of a Chinese hair vendors wholesale

2. Why should you buy from a Chinese hair vendors wholesale

Chinese hair vendors wholesale are always known for their surprisingly cheap items and constant offers and discounts for customers, so you can save more money when you buy from them. You also don’t need to worry that the products will be of poor quality or broken, because the human hair wholesaler from this country always ensures to provide you with the best items and has the right support policy if any errors occur.

The staff from Chinese hair vendors wholesale are also very dedicated to product consultation and answering customers’ questions. If you are a foreigner or don’t know Chinese, don’t worry; the staff of Chinese hair vendors wholesale are all very fluent in English and can communicate with you. They are also very patient in explaining if you have any questions about the products posted on their website.

Another reason for you to choose vendors wholesale from China or Chinese hair vendors wholesale is that their products are very diverse and are considered similar to real hair. Technology is applied to the manufacturing process so the product is very thin and light when placed on your hair, and the structure is also very similar to your hair and not easily recognized. Modern technology is also something that wholesalers in China are very proud of. Modern and expensive machinery helps them produce faster with a larger volume of products, meeting the orders from customers. At the same time, the employees in the factory are also trained for a long time and work very quickly.

Finally, Chinese hair vendors wholesale hair extensions have all the items on the market today. Suppliers from China are constantly producing new or old items in the market to meet all the different preferences of customers, from weft hair to wig hair to raw hair with many different qualities. Even if you are a collector with the hobby of buying many hair extensions of different types and styles, you can own all products from major Chinese suppliers.


Why should you buy from a Chinese hair vendors wholesale

3. Top best Chinese hair vendors wholesale for you

Finally, below is a list of the most reputable vendors in China according to customer reviews so far. They are qingdao haiyi hair products.,, yuzhou grace hair products co. ltd, Juancheng Leshine Hair. They all have from a few years to more than ten years of establishment and existence in the market, gradually building the trust of women in China to the whole world. 

Because of that, they are very popular nowadays, and you may have seen their factory name on many hair extension forums big and small with particularly positive reviews.

If you want to learn about Chinese hair vendors wholesale opponents, information is also available in this article. They are Vietnamese Hair Suppliers, bellami hair factory, and Vietnamese Hair Factory. As previously stated, the quality of supplier hair extensions in Vietnam is highly valued, so there are many large and successful suppliers that you can rely on when purchasing. Their staff is also fluent in English to provide the best support for their foreign customers. And they are also export partners with a few other neighboring countries today, such as the USA, Brazil, or Nigeria. Their vendors in many of those countries are also appearing more and more.


Top best Chinese hair vendors wholesale for you

Chinese hair vendors wholesale and their unique characteristics have been fully revealed through the paragraphs above. I hope that you will read this article to the end to fully understand what they want to convey and to learn more about the field of hair extensions as well as manufacturers from China.

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