Great tips to find the factory hair studio best suits you

Factory hair studio regularly have a lot of new products produced every year to keep up with the trends that customers are pursuing, as well as many related options to choose from. If you want to buy new types or styles of hair extensions that are on the market, they are a great choice for you. Here are some tips to find out what factory best suits you. 


Great tips to find the factory hair studio best suits you

1. The factory hair studio with useful information

By definition, the factory hair studio are suppliers that have their own factories and strict production processes to create a large number of hair extensions for their customers. Therefore, product quality is always assessed as being uniform and always available, whether you buy a little or a lot.

One more piece of information you need to keep in mind is that factories also often specialize in different hair types or origins, for example raw Vietnamese hair factory, virgin hair wholesale factory, or India hair factory. They will all be mentioned in the supplier’s name or noted on their website, you can rely on that to know if the supplier sells the product you want or not.

Finally, factory direct hair or the factory hair studio usually has more incentives if you buy in bulk, because the quantity they produce is always large and enough to supply if you want to become their vendor. When you buy in bulk, you can enjoy both price incentives and related support policies.


The factory hair studio with useful information

2. How to determine the factory hair studio that is best for you

The factory hair studio, with its many different products, can be overwhelming and confusing at times. If you want to determine which supplier is right for you, you should understand what product you want to buy to find the right supplier.

2.1. Determine the origin or type of hair at the factory hair studio

First, as written, each factory specializes in specific products. For starters, you should know if you prefer virgin, remy, or non-remy hair when it comes to hair origins. Virgin hair is hair that has not been heat treated, so it is softer and smoother and can be used every day. Remy hair is a type that has been styled and collected from many people, so the texture is not as soft as virgin hair. Non remy is the worst quality style, not suitable for use too often.

Next, decide what type or style of hair you want to buy. For example, with wig hair, weft hair, or closure hair, the more defined it is, the easier it is to choose. Factories that specialize in the products you want will have better options and better product quality. When you buy wig hair from a factory specializing in manufacturing this item, you will be cared for and advised by the staff more carefully, for instance. 


How to determine the factory hair studio that is best for you

2.2. Determine the prestige of the factory hair studio

After completing the initial step, you have also selected a few suppliers that meet the basic requirements you want. In this step, you will find out which suppliers you have chosen are reputable.

A reputable supplier will first publish information related to the website. They will have full products, contact information, and supplier referrals for you to learn about them before making a decision. Some of the factory hair studios can even read reviews from their past customers.

At the same time, you can also ask about the sample product to test its quality if you are not really sure about the supplier’s credibility. The factory hair studio always has samples of its products available to send to customers when needed. You can ask their staff through the website or other contact methods to guide you in receiving the item. They both help you check product quality in advance, and can estimate the typical delivery time.

Another thing you can try is that you should go to big forums about hair extensions or join reputable groups. There will be a list of famous and reliable suppliers in the current market. If the supplier you are choosing has a name in it, it means that their service quality is good and they are not scammers.


Determine the prestige of the factory hair studio

3. The factory hair studio that you can consider

The above has provided you with the basic ways to learn about suppliers, so in the last section, we will introduce you to some of the current reputable suppliers. You can consider hair and skin factory medavakkam, buw buw hair, uppercutz hair factory, 5s hair factory, village 11 factory shampoo, Vietnamese Hair Factory, Vietnamese Hair Suppliers, they are all well received by customers in recent years. 

The above factories all have different product characteristics, such as quality, origin, and price. Just like the instructions above, please understand your requirements to determine which supplier is most appropriate. The products are all uniform and sold by a reputable supplier, so you can skip the step of checking supplier information and contact them for more advice on the product.

Each supplier will have a different ordering process, so we won’t talk about it here. If you are sure that the supplier is right for you, do not hesitate to contact them through the information available on the official website. The staff will be available 24/7 to guide you through the necessary steps to actually order and receive the product you want.

Remember, your information should be detailed so that the staff does not miss anything; you should even note special requests so that they better understand the item you want. This will save both parties time so that the staff of the factory hair studio can quickly help you with the invoice for the order. 


The factory hair studio and all related features have been introduced in the article as a detailed guide for you to choose a supplier, even if you are a beginner. Finally, I hope you enjoyed the article and found the information useful to you, help you get the product you want with the best quality.

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