Best factory hair and the secrets you need to care about

Currently, there are many newly established hair factories in the hair extension market, which quickly receive the attention of consumers. Does that make you wonder which factory hair is the best to consider when buying? So read through this article; we have a detailed answer for you.


Best factory hair and the secrets you need to care about

1. Factory hair and facts you should know

In the hair extension market, each hair factory will sell different items; they all have different origins, use times, and textures and are extremely diverse. You should research before buying factories to quickly find the item you want at the right factory because, due to the above differences, their prices are also very different.

In terms of origin, the most commonly sold hair extensions are virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions. They are collected in different ways, virgin hair extensions are factory-manufactured from a single woman’s hair, and have never been styled. And because remy hair is collected from two to three people, it is possible that the hair has been permed or dyed, causing the original hair structure to be lost. If you have good finances, then virgin hair extensions from the factory hair will be the optimal choice for you.

Each factory hair has different customer care services as well as different preferential policies applied, you can message their staff for more information. There are factories that have great deals for old customers, but there are others that don’t, so you may need to find out about them before making a purchase. At the same time, the speed of replying to messages and the advice of staff will also be different for each of their products, because the nature of the items sold by different suppliers is different.

The last fact you should pay attention to is the payment methods the hair factory accepts, especially when you are a foreigner buying. Payment methods vary by factory; for example, larger factories will accept more forms of payment, such as OnePay, bank cards, or Mastercard, which are more convenient when making a purchase. If you don’t check this carefully, it may take longer for you to transfer and delay your delivery.


Factory hair and facts you should know

2. Characteristics of hair factory in countries around the world

There are many countries that have hair factories and sell hair extensions widely in the market, like Brazilian hair factory, US hair factory, but the three most famous countries for producing this item are Vietnam, India, and China. Each country has differences in price, quality, and service, you should refer to and learn more about them through the passage below.

2.1. Factory hair in Vietnam

Vietnam can be considered as a leading manufacturer, as their products are of impeccable quality and are always considered the best. Suppliers in Vietnam mainly sell hair extensions derived from virgin hair with a smooth texture that is very similar to your real hair. Customers at the virgin hair factory are always pleased with the product because, when applied to the hair, it makes them feel at ease.

In terms of price, products are also often offered at affordable prices for you, accompanied by good service quality. They are always proud because suppliers always train professional staff who know how to enthusiastically advise customers on products. This can be considered the best country with the most suitable items for you if you love smooth texture. 


Characteristics of hair factory in countries around the world

2.2. Factory hair in China

China is famous as a country that produces in relatively large quantities and exports a lot to other countries. The reason is that their products are sold at a cheaper price than those from Vietnam, and there are always a lot of new items every year that make customers excited.

However, because quality comes with a price, the quality of their products is often not appreciated. Chinese women have thin and relatively weak hair, so the hair extensions keep this feature and are not smooth. As a result, lifespan is usually limited, and cheap and low-quality goods can only be used for a few months.

2.3. Factory hair in India 

The last country mentioned is India, which offers cheap and medium quality hair extensions. India has cheap labor, so it can save on production costs, and the price of the product is cheap, making it suitable for consumers with low budgets.

In terms of quality, just like Chinese hair, Indian hair is often rough and dry. To avoid tangled hair when going out, use a moisturizer on a regular basis.


Factory hair in India

3. Factory hair that you can consider buying

At the end of the article, I want to introduce you to a few good factory hair that you can rest assured to choose from. There are three hair factories: tedhairfactory, Vietnamese hair factories, and Vietnamese hair suppliers that considered as virginhairfactory. They are all experienced suppliers from many countries around the world, always receiving good comments from customers after a perfect buying experience. At the same time, they also cooperate with many other countries around the world and are highly appreciated by loyal customers.

Contact methods will not be mentioned here, but you can visit the website of the supplier you want to contact to place an order. Then, the staff will connect with you and assist you as quickly as possible.

One more thing you should remember is that whether you buy at any hair factory, you need to choose products carefully or listen to the advice of the staff to choose the right hairstyle because the current items are extremely diverse. They will help you become more beautiful and attractive every time you go out and will give you confidence.

The following article has provided you with enough useful information about factory hair so that whether you are a beginner or a beauty fanatic, you can easily absorb it. Hopefully the information as well as the suggestions at the end about the reputable factory hair can help you get the most satisfactory items, and you can be completely satisfied with your appearance thanks to them.

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