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In general, consumers in the hair industry are seeking hair products that will best meet their demands. As a result, people do not only buy hair extensions once, and their desires include trying different hairstyles with various colors. To support the needs of both local and overseas customers, bob hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory is the best option when it comes to hair extensions. Through this article, we will introduce bob hair and how to import it from us - the best Vietnamese Hair Factory.
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1. Definition of bob hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

The last few years have seen a huge increase in popularity for bob haircuts. Bob hair is flirtatious, lively and looks fantastic. A bob hair extension, commonly referred to as a bob, is a short to medium-length hairstyle in which the hair is usually trimmed straight around the head at around jaw level but no longer than shoulder-length, frequently with fringe or bangs at the front. The typical bob hair retains all of the hair far above the shoulders and exposes the back of the neck. 

Our specialists advise that appropriate hair maintenance and care can extend the useful life of bob hair. You may use bob hair for years if you know how to maintain it properly. It will retain its original attractiveness for a lot longer if you consider gently washing it and caring for it with hair conditioners.


2. Origin of bob hair in Vietnamese Hair Factory

Unlike other hair suppliers, our Vietnamese Hair Factory only provides hair extension products made of real human hair, namely virgin hair and remy hair. We never use non-remy hair or synthetic hair in order to give our customers the best service and the highest quality of hair extension products. If you want to know more about our hair materials, here they are:

  • Virgin hair of Vietnamese Hair Factory: Virgin hair comes from only one donor’s hair and is about unprocessed hair and is related to hair that has never undergone any hair chemical treatment before. Virgin hair is also famous because of its strength, which results from the fact that it has never been harmed by chemicals. This is another factor for the dominance of virgin hair in the expensive Vietnamese Hair Factory hair extension field.
  • Remy hair of Vietnamese Hair Factory: Our hair extension made of remy hair has the cuticle still attached and is composed of actual human hair. Therefore, you may be confident a product is natural if it is labeled as remy hair. Since the cuticle is still intact when remy hair is collected, customers can dye, style and customize it depending on their needs.

3. Unique selling point of bob hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

Bob hair needs delicate maintenance. Another thing to keep in mind while caring for bob hair is that you should only use a good wide-toothed comb to comb it from tail to top. The strands of the bob hair will be nicely safeguarded as a result. Hair that has bob style can be restyled. However, as it has already undergone chemical treatment to acquire the curly bob patterns, you should not bleach or dye it. To avoid the time and trouble of restyling, you may get colored bob hair directly from the manufacturer. An ombre color is one that is highly advised for you to attempt when having bob hair. If not, you might get alternative lovely hairstyles to alter your appearance. 

The greatest benefit of bob hair is that it may produce gorgeous short hairstyles as it gives the high-fashion and sophisticated feelings that all girls and women want. Bob hair is comparable to naturally straight hair, thus taking care of it is relatively simple. Simply give bob hair a gentle wash, frequently condition bob hair with hair conditioners and gently comb bob hair with a large-tooth comb. Customers of bob hair extensions just need to make sure that they are protected from severe heat or chemicals and washed once a week. It is advised to store bob hair in a dry plastic bag and keep it there. Your bob hair will then be able to endure longer and look better. If you fail to follow these straightforward instructions, your bob hair may deteriorate more quickly and lose its early, stunning beauty.

4. Price of bob hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

In the Vietnamese Hair Factory, our hair extension products are considered the cheapest price compared to other hair suppliers. Those factors affecting pricing can be named as how many inches for weaves, which texture for hair extensions, what color do you want us to dye and hair extensions condition. 

Normally, if you purchase a large amount of hair from us, we are willing to provide the wholesale price with much lower than the normal sale price. Moreover, when hair suppliers predict that the price of hair extensions will rise, they will adjust their pricing accordingly, but we do not allow that thing to happen in Vietnamese Hair Factory since we only make the price lower, not higher.

5. Import bob hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

To better understand how to import hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory, follow along with us and go through the following steps:

  • Make contact with the right hair providers using the information and enquire about the requirements for importing hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory or contact us through WhatsApp.
  • Choose hair products from the Vietnamese Hair Factory, so you can import numerous hairstyles depending on current fashion trends. Do not forget to tell us about the information in order: type of hair, grade of hair, color of hair and length of hair.
  • Decide shipping and payment choices depending on your location. You may save time and money by selecting from a number of shipping and payment near where you live. 
  • Review the entire process when payment is made, our invoice bills will be given to you to ensure transparency. Now all you have to do is wait for us to ship your hair order after a few days working.
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