Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 5 Best Vietnamese Hair Distributors

Hair industry is considered a very potential and profitable business section, attracting many big to small companies to invest in. There are some big and reputed hair markets such Vietnamese Hair Factory, Indian Hair Factory, Chinese Hair Factory,..If you are looking for a high quality and reasonable price hair market to work with, Vietnamese Hair Factory would be your best choice. This article, with the opinion of hair experts such as hair beauty bloggers, hair wholesale companies and so on, will provide you with the top best Vietnamese Hair Factory and tips to find reliable wholesale hair vendors.


Vietnamese Hair Factory

I. What makes Vietnamese Hair Factory a good supplier?

To have good brand name positioning in such a competitive and appealing market like hair, what Vietnamese Hair Factories have and do?

1. Clear and qualified sources of hair

Source of ingredients is the most important factor deciding the quality of products. Understanding that, Vietnamese hair factories always carefully select hair from healthy Vietnamese people. Along with the favorable weather ( no hot sunlight in mountainous areas) and good hair care habits of Vietnamese who usually use natural shampoo, Vietnamese hair is very strong, silk and smooth. 


Vietnamese Women with long black hair

2. Skillful and professional hair workers from Vietnamese Hair Factory

After up to 15 years of working, diligent and skillful hair makers become experienced and professional in the hair making field. Every single hair is elaborated by skillful hands of Vietnamese workers from the beginning to have accomplished products in order to ensure the quality. 


Skillful Vietnamese Hair Workers

3. Standardized making process of Vietnamese Hair Factory

Here are the steps of hair making from K hair – the biggest Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam  

  • Step 1: After collected from qualified donors, hair is put in the same direction through a special comb and removed bad quality hair. Then, the hair is also cut to have the same length and separated into small bundles by experienced workers to have faultless products.  
  • Step 2: Washing hair carefully many times to make it clean, and send it to the weft, curly or dye room.
  • Step 3: The products go through a double check process with specialists to ensure the best quality before shipping to customers.

How Hair Extension is made

4. Advanced and modern infrastructure 

Vietnamese hair factory has installed many imported machines from industrialized companies like Japan, Korea, ect. It helps to enhance the quality of hair extension, increase work efficiency so that to make the price of products more reasonable.

Besides, the scale of producing and storing also has been enlarged, which allows a large number of available products for wholesale buyers.


Vietnamese Hair Factory Modern Facilities

5. Price fits quality

The price of Vietnamese Hair Factory becomes more affordable while the quality of hair is still guaranteed and constantly improved thanks to the advancement of technology.

Trust me, the quality of products is worth the money you spend! And quality products will create your brand name and gain your customer’s loyalty.

6. Professional and good command of English customer service staff.

With high quality human labor who are provided professional training, service-mindedness and fluently speak many languages, you can receive lots of support before and after purchasing Vietnamese Hair without language barriers.  


K-Hair – Vietnamese Hair Factory Staff

II. Compare Vietnamese Hair Factory to Chinese Hair Factory and Indian Hair Factory


Compare Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian Hair

1. Vietnamese Hair Factory –  the leading quality hair factory  

Vietnamese Hair Factory, providing high-end quality hair extensions, still offers reasonable prices that gains the trust and satisfaction of retailers to big wholesalers.

The quality is not only reflected through the ability to apply various chemical treatments such bleach, dye or color, but also through the time of use. With proper care, it can last up to 10 years


Black and straight Vietnamese Hair

2. Chinese Hair Factory – the mass hair type market

Chinese Hair Factory takes advantage of the cheap labour force and advanced production technology, so its Chinese hair extension is mass produced at a cheaper price.

Besides, Chinese factories, to increase profits, use unknown and bad quality origin of hair which is taken from hair brushes or imported from other countries.

According to many customers, Chinese Hair is very shiny, soft for the first time, but it becomes shedding, split ends or tangles after a short time of use.


Chinese Hair Factory

3. Indian Hair Factory – the cheapest price hair factory

The price of Indian Hair Factories is pretty cheaper than the others due to the available source of material, very cheap labor cost and manual production process.

However, remember that Price always goes hand in hand with quality. Good quality can not be sold at low price. 


Indian Hair Factory

4. Compare Vietnamese Hair Factory, Chinese Hair Factory and Indian Hair Factory 

Source Quality Durability Production scale Price
Vietnam 100% healthy Vietnamese hair Intact Cuticles, strong, smooth and no shedding, tangles and split ends Up to 10 years with proper care Household-scale with advanced technology From 8.6 USD/bundle
China Export from many countries: India, Cambodia,.. No cuticles ( hair taken from combs)

Nice at the first time but easily shedded and tangled

About 4 years with good maintenance Industrial-scale with high-teach process From 7.9 USD/bundle
India From Indian people  Thick, strong, intact cuticles. Up 7 years if properly treated  Household-scale with traditional making process From 6.7 USD/bundle

III.  How to find dependable Vietnamese Hair Factory

Among numerous Vietnamese Hair Factories, It is not easy to select the good one if you are inexperienced. Don’t worry, let’s refer to advice from big and reputed hair wholesalers to choose the most suitable Vietnamese Hair Factory 

  1. Steps to find reputed Vietnamses Hair Factory

  • Search  from google, bing, yahoo and so on or read reviews and feedback from Hair Factory Review Groups and E-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy,..
  • Go to the website of Vietnamese Hair Factory to check information and products
  • Directly contact them via websites, social media fanpage, whatsapp for further information: product pictures and videos, price, shipping fee, payment, certificate, company address, etc
  • Compare Hair Factory to choose the most suitable 

2. Which Vietnamese Hair Factory is reliable


K-Hair Vietnam- the leading hair factory

2.1. Professional website, fanpage

Professional and well-designed website and social fanpage is the first sign showing whether this factory is real or not, large or small, experienced in the field or a new one,ect.

Thus, remember to scan the factory websites!

2.2. Available on big ecommerce and social media

Being available on bigcommerce like Alibaba, Amazon,.. and media such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also presents the reliability of the factory.

The more followers on social media, regularly videos or pictures updated, positive feedbacks and high rating on e-commerce, the more reliable the Vietnamese Hair Factories are.  

2.3. Available pictures, videos of hair products, company and factories

By looking at the pictures and videos directly taken from real products of the factory, The trustworthiness of the factory can be firmly proved.

Pictures and videos of the company and factory will show the scale and the professionalism of the supplier. The quality of hair is also fully and clearly presented through pictures and videos which is worth more than thousands of words.

It is better if you can make a video call and directly check the products with them

2.4. Quality and guarantee certificate

Registration document, quality guarantee, partnership certificate  and so on are also useful to look at to evaluate the dependability and quality of a Vietnamese Hair Factory.

2.5. Good feedback from customers

Feedbacks from previous customers is one of the most crucial factors to decide whether to work with this Vietnamese Hair Factory or not. Feedbacks can appear in the factory websites, or from Hair review groups and e-commerce which are more reliable. Positive customer experience equals good product quality and service. 

2.6. Detail and clear check before shipping
One more thing you can consider is before shipping the distributor confirms the order professionally by repeating the size, length, color, weight, shipping free, with you through text or video and also provides clear information of refund procedure.

3. Unreliable Vietnamese Hair Suppliers signs

Due to the potential of the hair market and huge demand for hair extensions, there are more and more scammers deceiving customers. Here are some alert signs of undependable Vietnamese Hair Factory, let check it out to avoid being frauded.

  • No official website or not available on social media and big ecommerce
  • Unclear information about products and companies
  • No profound understanding about hair products
  • Sending pictures and videos downloaded on the Internet and not willing to video call
  • Rush to pay money

IV. Top 5 Best Hair Factory in Vietnam

1. Top 1: K-hair: the biggest Vietnamese Hair Factory

K-hair Vietnam – top 1 the best Vietnamese Hair Factory for the high-end quality and reasonable price. K-hair – the king of quality, with over 30 experience years of producing and exporting hair, has lots of representatives and partners in many big cities in the word


K-hair Website

  • Location: Main Factory in Bac Ninh province, Vietnam
  • Headquarter office: 

Address: 71 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi 100000

  • K-hair products: 100% natural virgin hair ( no mix ) Weft Hair _ Curly Wavy _ Colour _ Tip/Tape Closure _ Frontal _ 360 Wig _ Full Lace Wig _ HD Lace
  • Quality : 100% Natural , No Chemical , No mixing-

– Qualified hair originates from Vietnamese villagers mainly in mountain areas which have favourable weather ( no high noon), so the hair is very strong, soft and shiny.   

– 80% of the hair is from healthy women ( 18-> 25) in mountain areas who usually takes care their hair with special medical herbs from nature, so the hair is extremely strong, smooth and no shedding  


Trendy Colours in K-hair

  • The duration: up to 4 years with the guarantee policy
  • Market: salons, retailers, wholesalers and other factories worldwide

– 70% customers are African

– Nigeria, US, Canada, Russia, England, Ghana, Thailand,……


K-hair Partners


Certificates of K-hair

  • Instagram : the_k_hair
  • Fanpage: K-Hairvn
  • Facebook: khairfactory

2. Top 2: Rawhair Vietnam

A trustable hair supplier with about 20 years experience run by Mr. Le Duy Ha and Mrs. Chu Thuy Linh. You can buy a variety of hair with good quality following your requirement from this Vietnamese Hair Factory.



3. Top 3: 5S Hair


5S-Hair- the oldest Vietnamese hair factory 

 5S hair company, the oldest hair factory in Vietnam. It is just a direct factory, not a commercial hair company and just has access to social media. Thus, 5s hair is not widely known on social media like others such as k-hair, rawhair,.. 

However, it has a big number of loyal big wholesale customers, supplying big orders only from 30-50kg. Their wholesalers are from 157 countries like Africa, Nigeria or Ghana, South Africa,.. 


Why is 5S?

  • Main Products: weft hair_Vietnamese raw hair_hair extension
  • Contact Factory Boss To Learn About How To Import Hair From Vietnam?
  • Fanpage: 5shair
  • Instagram: 5s_hairofficial

5S-hair customer’s feedbacks

4. Top 4: Vietnam Remy Hair

Vietnam Remy Hair – big Vietnamese virgin human hair extensions distributor providing remy hair to customers throughout the world. Throughout many years of working, it gains lots of trust and  supplies human hair products to hundreds of countries worldwide.


Remy Hair Factory

5. Top 5: Queenhair

 Queen Hair Investment Company Limited is one of the bib hair vendors of Viet Nam which specializes in trading in natural raw hair of Aisas people naming Vietjnamese and Cambodian to many countries in the world. Having experienced years of hair business and research, it can understand the demands and expectations of customers.

V. How fast and easily to import hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory

Easy and quick process of importing also makes Vietnam Hair Factory become favourable hair vendors of many retailers and wholesalers in the world. 

1. Good rate of support exchange

With the support of Vietnamese government, you can get a very affordable rate of exchange by importing hair from Vietnamese Hair Factory. In 5S-hair factory, If you are from Nigeria, it has its own Nigerian account for payment and shipping agent with the rate of 1USD= 472 Naira only for wholesale big orders (While all other hair company exchange rate is about 497). And if you are from the other countries, the exchange rate is based on US dollars.


Exchange rate from K-hair

2. Various payment options accepted

Vietnamese hair factories do accept various payment methods. If you are Nigenia company, you will pay directly through Nigeria banks.

With other countries, you can choose between options: bank account, western union, money gram, bitcoin…


Payment Methods of K-hair

3. Numerous shipping lines

Thanks to the development of the logistics industry, Vietnamese hair factories can transport products to many countries in a short period of time through shipping agents. Here are the shipping methods with detail fee of K-hair company:


Shipment to Nigeria


Shipment agents with fee

VI. Conclusion

Choosing the right hair factory will be the first step leading you to succeed. Carefully research to choose reliableVietnamese Hair Factory before you start!