Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Where is the origin of hair extensions?

Our hair extensions are all virgin hair from women in Vietnam of the highest quality, suitable for customers’ long-term use needs.


  1. What does virgin hair mean?

Virgin hair is real hair collected from women, it has not been affected by chemicals, so it keeps its uniformity and alignment, which makes it the best quality hair extension on the market today.


  1. What are the main hair extension products?

We offer many different types and styles of hair extensions, but specialize in bone straight hair and curly hair.


  1. What is bone straight hair?

Bone straight hair is similar to raw hair, the texture is soft and shiny, straight and knotted from the top of the hair down to the ends.


  1. What is raw hair?

Raw hair is hair collected directly from highland women, not processed in factories, so the texture and structure are preserved. They are sold in bundles depending on the different needs of customers.


  1. What are the characteristics of curly hair at your hair factory?

Curly hair is a curly hair extension and suitable for young girls who want to have more dynamic hair. Our factory-bought hair is soft and shiny, has a wide selection of colors and lengths, and is sold at competitive prices.


  1. How can I test product quality?

You can message the website and ask about sample products. You can use them to evaluate product quality and estimate our standard delivery time. The seller is willing to send them to you if you ask.


  1. Can I buy hair extensions in bulk?

It is possible that our factory always has large quantities of hair extensions in stock to meet the great demand of customers. When you contact us and place a bulk order, we will have attractive discount offers for you.


  1. Normally how long is the lifespan of hair?

Usually you can use them many times for about 2 to 3 years, but they can last longer if you use them sparingly or know how to take care of your hair extensions properly.


  1. How can I order?

You can send a message via the website, or use our contact information below to get help from our staff.



Hotline: +84855588000


  1. What if the order is wrong?

If you have any problems with your order after receiving it, please contact us immediately for assistance. The professional staff will quickly resend the correct order to you.


  1. Can your hair be styled after purchase?

It is possible, but they are not recommended because they will shorten the life of the hair and make it easier to break. You can buy pre-styled hair types to ensure the best quality.


  1. Do I need to wash my hair extensions regularly?

You just need to wash them about 2 to 3 times a week or after each use to remove dirt. Frequent washing will cause the joint to break and not good for the hair extension


  1. Can I dry my hair extensions after washing my hair extensions?

They are not recommended, as the heat applied by the blow dryer will dry out the hair and cause frizz. Instead, just leave your hair in a dry place to let it dry naturally.


  1. Which shampoo and conditioner should I choose for my hair?

Just choose a mild and natural product, it’s up to you.


  1. Can my hair be custom made?

Yes, but they will take longer and cost more than usual, as our factory needs to process your own hair collection and production according to your wishes.


  1. Can I make a video call to check the authenticity of the factory?

Yes, we’d love to, but you can message us before the video call so we can prepare you to see the product more easily.


  1. I’m not Vietnamese, can I order?

International customers can order, we always have a way to ship to your location in the fastest time.


  1. Does your factory sell hair from other countries?

No, we only sell hair originating from Vietnam to ensure the greatest customer satisfaction when using the product, not sell Chinese or Indian hair.


  1. Do I need a deposit after placing an order?

Yes, we will receive your deposit based on the order value and then proceed to produce according to your order information.